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Capital Gains Tax Returns

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Capital Gains Tax Return

Trust All Finance Tax with your capital gains tax (CGT) return

All Finance Tax have been operating as capital gains tax consultants for many years and have developed a high volume of experience in helping our clients to file CGT returns. If you are disposing of land, property, shares or other assets and you’re unsure how to navigate the field of CGT returns, we are at hand to help. Our expert advisors will ensure an efficient CGT service starting from €250 plus VAT.
To ensure that you are happy with your capital gains tax return, we will take the time to get a thorough understanding of your situation, as no two clients are the same. All fees are agreed upfront and this fee is tax-deductible.

Our capital gains tax advisors make the process simple for you

Understanding capital gains tax returns can be a tricky process. Many people in Ireland believe that CGT applies only when a valuable asset is sold, but it arises in the disposal of the asset in question. Even in transactions where no money is exchanged (e.g. gifts), CGT is payable. Our advisors are at hand to help you gain a full understanding of your CGT returns and to make the process less stressful for you.

Contact All Finance Tax to learn more about our capital gains tax service

If you’re looking for a capital gains tax service that is straightforward and efficient, we are here to help. Call us on +353 (0) 21-4810028 or email for more information.

Who We Help


For Irish property owners, we will ensure that you comply with your tax obligations for a fixed fee. Irish rental tax returns start from €250 plus VAT. All fees are fixed and agreed upfront and can be offset as a cost in full against your tax bill.

Where landlords have foreign property, All Finance Tax can be a one-stop shop. We can make sure that your foreign obligations are also met through our partners and all fees are fixed and agreed upfront. We also ensure that the tax treaties between the two countries are applied so that the minimum amount of tax is paid.

For non-resident landlords with Irish property, we provide a fixed fee service to ensure you meet your Irish obligations.

PAYE Workers

If you have a modest PAYE income but you’re unsure if you are being overtaxed, we will review your taxes for you for a fixed fee of €125 plus VAT to make sure that you are claiming all the credits to which you are entitled.

If you work for multinationals and have benefits in kind in the form of stock options, employee share purchase scheme or restricted stock units, we will fulfill your income tax obligations for a fixed fee agreed up front.

Limited Companies

We offer company formations, strike-off and restructuring services. We can also advise on the most effective way to bring in a new director or retire an existing one. We will help you meet all your company registration office and revenue obligations for a fixed fee agreed up front.


Whether you hold a simple deposit account, complex investment instruments, or shares (foreign or Irish) generating dividends, we can help you meet and minimise your tax obligations for a fixed fee agreed up front.

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